Aligning Incentives for Sustainable Growth

NAV ensures transparency and fairness in our Structured Investment Products (SIPs) to align incentives and support sustainable growth.

SIP Profit Distribution

Our profit distribution model adapts to SIP performance:

  • 70% to Investors: Majority of profits go to investors.

  • 10% to NAV Buyback and Stakers: Supports NAV token value and ecosystem growth.

  • 20% to NAV Management: Enables strategy optimization and operational excellence.

Example: If the Delta Neutral Funding SIP achieves a 100% APR:

  • Investors receive 70% APR.

  • NAV Management receives 20% APR.

  • NAV Buyback and Stakers receive 10% APR.

SIP Protocol Fees

To ensure sustainability and growth, we incorporate two key fees:

  • Withdrawal Fee:

    • Less than 3 months: 1%

    • Less than 6 months: 0.5%

    • Less than 12 months: 0.25%

    • Over 12 months: None

  • Management Fee:

    • Annual fee of 2% of SIP’s Assets Under Management (AUM), split monthly at 0.16666%.

These fees cover analysis, compliance, auditing, and strategic development, ensuring our SIPs remain competitive.

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