NAV Points

Empowering Our Community Through Engagement and Loyalty

This system aims to build a thriving, loyal community as our platform grows.

The program operates seasonally, with the first season running from June 18th to September 18th. Each season offers fresh challenges and rewards to keep the experience engaging for users.

Users earn points by investing in NAV's SIPs, with rewards based on the capital invested and the length of commitment. Points start accumulating from the moment funds are deposited, even in the holding account phase. During Season 1, a total of 700 million points (70% of the total supply) will be distributed to SIP participants, highlighting our dedication to rewarding community engagement.

NAV aims to make DeFi more accessible by providing a straightforward way for users to earn rewards through SIP participation, without the complexities of yield farming or liquidity mining. The NAV Points program reflects our commitment to rewarding user engagement and loyalty, creating a mutually beneficial experience that drives the success of both our users and the platform.

Join us in the NAV Points program and unlock the full potential of your participation in the NAV ecosystem, building a vibrant and prosperous community together.

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