SIP Deposit

How To Deposit Into A NAV SIP

Depositing into a NAV Structured Investment Product (SIP) is simple and occurs monthly (known as an epoch). Follow these steps:

  1. Timing: Initiate your deposit at least 14 days before the upcoming epoch date to ensure your funds are processed for the next epoch.

  2. Holding Account: Your funds will be placed in a holding account, earning NAV Points or $NAV emissions while awaiting the epoch date.

  3. NAV Calculation: On the epoch date, NAV's third-party administrators, NAV Consulting, will calculate the SIP's net asset value, protecting existing holders and accurately allocating new funds.

Example: John wants to deposit $1,000 into the NAV Cross-Chain Yield Maximizer SIP. He initiates his deposit 20 days before the epoch date. His funds are placed in the holding account, earning NAV Points. On the epoch date, NAV Consulting calculates the SIP's net asset value, and John's $1,000 is added to the SIP.

Note: If you deposit less than 14 days before the epoch date, your funds will be processed in the following epoch, remaining in the holding account and earning NAV Points or $NAV tokens until the next epoch date.

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