SIP Withdrawl

How To Withdraw From A NAV SIP

Withdrawing from a NAV SIP is straightforward and requires a 30-day notice period:

  1. Notification: Submit a withdrawal request at least 30 days before the desired epoch date to ensure NAV has time to process your request.

  2. Withdrawal Request: Navigate to your SIP and click the "Withdrawal" button. Your request will be logged, and your funds will be prepared for the next epoch date.

  3. Asset Valuation: Before the epoch date, NAV Consulting will calculate the value of your assets. Note that asset prices may fluctuate during the waiting period, affecting the final withdrawal amount.

  4. Fees: Withdrawal fees depend on how long you've been invested. No fees are charged for investments over one year, encouraging long-term participation.

Example: Sarah has 5,000 USDC in the NAV Cross-Chain Yield Maximizer SIP and decides to withdraw. She submits a request 35 days before the epoch date. NAV Consulting values her assets at 9,000 USDC due to SIP performance. Since she has been invested for over a year, she pays no withdrawal fees and receives the full 9,000 USDC on the epoch date.

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